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Optional Backing Plates
Coosa FD Template
Optional Backing Plates

Optional Backing Plates

$ 9.99

These UHMW Backing Plates will assist in installation of the Landing Gear on boats with thinner hulls, or a larger surface area to capture. 

We have used these in the past on the following boats:  Pescador Pilot, Native Slayer, Vibe Sea Ghost, Wilderness Attack and Radar.  The plates come to you in a 4 x 8 rectangle, and can easily be cut down to match the shape of your installation area.

The purpose of these plates is to give you as large of a "footprint" on the inside of your boat as possible.  You can cut around objects like rod holders, molded inserts and more to allow you to spread the stress over as large of an area as you can.  These plates go in between the inside of your hull and the stainless backing plates provided in your kit.

** Tip ** - if you will be cutting around corners, inserts or other objects it helps to trace / cut a template out of paper from the top of your boat and then pre-cut your shape out of cardboard if possible and test fit it on the inside to ensure a proper fit.

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