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Groovy Landing Gear
Groovy Landing Gear
Groovy Landing Gear
Groovy Landing Gear

Groovy Landing Gear

$ 235.00

** Taking pre-orders at this time, product will not ship until estimated 1st or 2nd week in May

The BooneDOX® Landing Gear® is a kayak wheel system utilizing receptacles that permanently attach to the top of your boat - wheels attach, deploy, and retract without having to tip the kayak over on its side.  Our Landing Gear uses solid foam wheels, preventing the possibility of ever going flat. 

Optional Sand Tire Kit sold separately.

New for 2019, the Landing Gear® just got "Groovy."  With the kayak angler in mind, we’ve refined our product to include gear grooves on all sides of the receptacles as well as the center link bar, resulting in 70+ inches of track for attaching rod-holders, safety flags, lights, paddle clips, camera mounts, etc. 

This stronger, lighter, more-rugged design uses anodized aluminum and stainless-steel components to perform in the most strenuous of environments. 

Rated for 180lbs.

Please choose from these available kits:

Standard - this kit will work on pretty much all brands / models of kayaks (Native, Jackson, Wilderness, NuCanoe etc) that do not have specific kits listed below.  This kit comes with a set of the UHMW stiffeners to enable you to create a custom support system to fit your installation point.

Hobie Pro Angler's 2015 - Current models - Each PA kit comes with spacers that have been proven to work with year models from 2015 to current.  The kit also comes with 9" backing plates standard

Hobie Pro Angler 2014 & older - The only difference in this kit and the 2015 - current is the spacers for the h-rail.  The 2014 & older requires a taller spacer to go under the h-rail.

Hobie Outback - This kit will work on ALL Hobie Outbacks.  

Bonafide - This kit is the same as the standard kit except it comes with the UHMW wedge that will go under the knuckle on the top to help level out the knuckles due to the sloped top of the kayak.  This kit may also be used with the Hobie Compass in certain installation locations.

HD kit - The HD kit comes with heavier duty legs to help withstand the weight of boats such as the SOLO skiff and the Hobie PA 17T.  This kit has also been used on John boats with small outboard motors.  Each kit comes with 9" backing plates and UHMW stiffener.  **If purchasing for the PA 17T you will need to get the PA Spacer kit as well to raise the h-rail on the PA to allow for the knuckle to go under.  Also, for SOLO skiff customers, some customers have reported the need for the UHMW Wedge but not on all applications.  If you do purchase the wedge you will need longer bolts than what comes in the kit.

LIVE SUP - This kit is designed for the LIVE SUP line.  This comes with hardware that utilizes the tracks installed on the LIVE SUP's and does not use backing plates.

* Landing Gear® legs and wheels are intended for transportation only.  The Landing Gear® is not intended to support the weight of a kayak during storage.  Leaving the Landing Gear® deployed during storage can cause flat spotting on tires and added stress to your kayak.

** This is an aftermarket product, all risks of damage to watercraft are assumed by the customer and not of the responsibility of BooneDOX.

California residents: This product contains chemicals or substance known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.  For more information please visit this website: 

Made in North Carolina...always will be.