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BooneDOX Spidey™ Glove
BooneDOX Spidey™ Glove

BooneDOX Spidey™ Glove

$ 8.95

The Spidey™ Glove, brought to you by United Glove, Inc., gives you all the protection you will need with great sensitivity.  The Crinkle Coating provides excellent grip, no matter what you are trying to pick up.  There are some rumors that they are particularly good at holding on to those specific prize winning fish that may(or may not) have slipped from your grasp.

United Glove, Inc. has been providing quality gloves and sleeves since 1984.  Their manufacturing facilities are right down the road from us in Newton, NC.


  • Crinkle black latex coating
  • Extremely comfortable for prolonged wear
  • Excellent dexterity, sensitivity and fit
  • Colored cuffs for easy size identification
  • Durable to last through multiple launderings

    California residents: This product contains chemicals or substance known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.  For more information please visit this website: