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Landing Gear for NuCanoe Pursuit
Landing Gear for NuCanoe Pursuit
Landing Gear for NuCanoe Pursuit

Landing Gear for NuCanoe Pursuit

$ 279.95

The BooneDOX landing gear is a kayak wheel system that permanently attaches to the top of your boat - wheels attach, deploy, and retract without having to tip the kayak over on its side. Includes a machined gear track on top of each knuckle for mounting fishing accessories. Made in North Carolina... always will be. 

This particular set will fit the NuCanoe Pursuit.  The kit comes with everything you need for installation on your boat.  You will have a 20" crossbar and a set of 9" backing plates to go along with the standard items in the kits.  One tip on installations of this kit is to remove the flush mount rod holders and access the inside through these holes.

New Changes for 2018:

You will notice the thumb bolts are no longer shown on the Landing Gear.  These have been removed, and replaced with a 27" Bungee to tether your wheels together in the up position.  The weight of the boat itself will keep your legs in position during movement.  

The set-screws for the crossbar are now located in the gear track on the top side of the knuckle.  This will allow you to keep your knuckles level during installation.

The Landing Gear legs are now all 24", giving the needed clearance on larger hulled boats, and allowing for easier loading/unloading with no or less drag.  The legs are now also wide enough to accept either the no-flat tire, or the Sand Tires.

  • Color: Silver legs, aluminum knuckles, orange extension bar.
  • Material: Stainless legs, aluminum body, stainless hardware, solid no-flat wheels
  • Weight: 14 lbs.
  • Size: Width is optimized for mounting directly behind the seat on the Pursuit
  • Special Parts: 20" spacer bar & 9" backing plates

Landing Gear legs and wheels are intended for transportation only.  The Landing Gear is not intended to support the weight of a kayak during storage.  Leaving the Landing Gear deployed during storage can cause flat spotting on tires, and added stress to your kayak.